More About The Gateway

Within each gate you shall find a key to open your soul.

Remember through effort, consistency and self motivation you can achieve all that you set out to do! To prepare for the Ultimate Journey you must first embrace the (wo)man in the mirror.

Be Honest! Be Strong! Connect the mental with the physical to become truly spiritual.

First Lesson

***Let Go of the stress

Breathe through the 5 main portals individually and then simultaneously while guiding the Chi (Qi) into your base Dan Tien

Crown of the Head (ShenTeng-GV), Palms (Laogong-PE8), Bottoms of the Feet (Ran Gu-KD1)

Let IT All Go Before Entering***

Now, come breathe with me as we initiate this sequence of your centering

Make light your burden should you constantly be reminding


In Order To Heal Self

Self Must Participate 100%

Gate Keepers…Prepare A Path…

Come Breathe With Me...
Come Breathe With Us…