Ten Gates Gallery

Have you ever had a nagging muscle ache or pinched nerve that just wouldn’t go away? Let my hands and elbows open up this most heavenly of all gates by contacting me, Jimmy Chan, for an appointment.

One of my favorite gates, this is Deep Tissue Massage at its best! Neuromuscular Therapy is a scientifically-based form of massage therapy that focuses on soft tissue manipulation with the intention of rehabilitating the client by balancing the function of the nervous system and the skeletal system.

Let me, Jimmy Chan, lay my elbows or thumbs into your awaiting release. Trigger Point Massage Therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release. In this type of massage for trigger point therapy, the client actively participates through deep breathing as well as identifying the exact location and intensity of the discomfort.

Allow the art of Sport Massage and Swedish Massage Treatment to keep you finely tuned and revved up like the ultimately conditioned athlete that you are. If you feel you deserve to win or just make the greatest improvements you can possibly make, then this is what I, Jimmy Chan, can do for you!!!

Through Reiki and/or QiGong gates allow me, Jimmy Chan, to open up your portals to feel the essence and natural flow of your energy, as well as the energy around you through movement and stillness.

Feeling Stressed? Let me sooth you. Need to calm the mind and spirit? Allow me to breathe good Chi into your soul. Feel like training but don’t want to step into a gym? Let’s take in the essence of nature to strengthen the mind, body and spirit. You want to meditate but don’t want to sit there and feel stiff? Come Join in this Ultimate Walking Meditation!

What is meditation and how to do it, Jimmy Chan offers one to one meditation lessons, weekly group classes and private group workshops to anyone from complete beginners to experienced meditators.

Jimmy Chan: Evaluates clients’ posture/balance; Teaches them to balance the muscles through exercise and/or stretching; and Develops a cardiovascular, strength training and meditation program for them.

No matter what activity you participate in, the goal is to Always Be at Your Best. Be it a seasoned athlete/performer or the infamous weekend warrior, it becomes essential to care greater for the vessel in order for it to perform at its optimum level. JImmy Chan trains clients using a whole host of equipment/methods.