Body Sculpting, Toning and Conditioning

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Welcome to the Pump Zone!

No matter what activity you participate in, the goal is to Always Be at Your Best. Be it a seasoned athlete/performer or the infamous weekend warrior, it becomes essential to care greater for the vessel in order for it to perform at its optimum level.  You don’t have to be as strict as I was, but to attain the look and feel of these most rewarding results in the shortest amount of time, one will have to push one’s self a tad bit harder! Granted, it took me close to 30 years before I truly peaked and became an “Ultimate Me”. Remember, you only get out what you put in and like anything worthwhile, it must become lifestyle!

We train our clients using a host of equipment/methods ranging from Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettle Bell, Iron Rings, Hammer Strength Plate Load, Universal Cables, Power Bands, Plyometrics, Isometrics, Cardiovascular, Cross Training, Martial Arts, Tennis, Ice Skating and so much more! With clientele ranging from 12 to 87 years old; from Hollywood Movie Stars to troubled inner city youth!; from the streets of Chicago, New York, California to the Favela’s of Brazil, Greece, Jamaica, so we take pride in how customized and unique our programs really are! Results always vary, but you will get results!

What impedes ones development usually has less to do with their output and more to with their input (i.e. the types of calorie intake). Though today’s culture has definitely gotten a bit spoiled from all of the luxuries and technologies that keeps us so distracted from self care. Too many moments spent on the sofa watching television or video games tends to be a deal breaker as well especially if you’re sacrificing your training and begin to play “sleepy style”.

“As the metabolism slows down on starts to add the pounds!”

Now you have to admit to all those moments of indulgences in chips, dips, fast food, red meat and to quench the thirst, a delicious cold soda! Indulgences sound great when you have the late night munchies. As creatures of habit, this becomes your pattern so it’s the input that is inhibiting the efforts. By input, you guessed it, I mean your nutrition program! The very foods we eat can assist us in achieving and maintain our fitness goals so much easier! Just from being conscious of the types of calories that you ingest and also to be active!

You don’t have to become a strict vegan and you most certainly don’t have to start eating tons of red meat nor do you have to train as if you were prepping for the IronMan Triathlon. You just need to find your balance, your center. Find that place that once existed when being a kid meant just that, being a kid! Time to start listening to you as the system was truly designed to do! To find its potential as we catapult through life with all of the energies pulling at us from every direction.

As a Life Long Natural Athlete, it is mandatory that my nutrition program is following all guidelines based on the Parrillo Performance Program! An exceptionally well thought out nutrition and training program that gets results Pronto! I became a Representative of Parrillo Performance after winning my weight class at the Mr. America in 1996.  Feel free to check out John online at

Parrillo Performance
6200 Union Centre Boulevard
Fairfield, OH 45014
Order Line: 1.800.344.3404

What is the difference between Body Sculpting. Toning and Conditioning?

Semantics really! They are truly one and the same.  In order to tone or sculpt the body (i.e., increasing the body’s visible muscle tone while decreasing visible body fat), one must perform a series of exercises (calisthenics, martial arts, cardiovascular training, sport specific) or activities that force the body to work due to high or low intensity and medium to high volume repetition of movement or flat-out strenuous labor as in Body Building or Power Lifting. Each one’s intent is to sculpt the physical via raw power or crazy high intensity Iron Man like stamina! While journeying through the process, especially for the competitor, there will always be that moment of doubt and until the spiritual side of the training kicks in becomes more apparent. This is the voice that speaks to you when you were about to quit because it got too hard or because you allowed others inside of your head and they planted seeds of doubt. That same voice that wakes you up every morning without an alarm clock! The voice that is aiding in your conditioning so that these activities truly become lifestyle more than just fads and diet schemes that set you up to fail from the absolute get go!

As the body becomes better conditioned, it automatically begins to shed excess body weight (fat and fluid retention) making locomotion much easier on the joints, back and spirit. So here at Ten Gates To Heaven, the “Sculpting” goes even deeper into connecting the mind, body and spirit.

Your “look” will actually be secondary to the Feel!

“Care for the temple and it shall peacefully house the soul”