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    1. Thank you my friend! I love your work as well! I’ll be coming out your way soon enough so that we can continue connecting the dots!

    1. Blessings my friend, if you’re willing to get a group together to do a workshop/seminar so it will cover the cost to travel there then it will be there in the blink of an eye!

  1. Jimmy has been helping me to heal my body and nurture my soul. He finds the trigger points which release the pain and allows the light to enter. I am deeply thankful for his work.

  2. I am currently undergoing myofascial treatments. I have had 5 hours of sessions so far. My issue has been lattismis dorsi, neck and back issues. More recently hip pain. We have addressed the hip issue and will work on other areas. But I have been having stomach and diarrhea problems since treatments started. I will question this with the person I see but is there any information you care to offer? Thanks.

    1. Good day and thank you for touring Ten Gates To Heaven. Based on what you’ve suggested, it would be wise for you to consult your primary healthcare giver as well as your massage therapist so that they can give you a more thorough impression based on their clinical examination/observation. There are So many acupuncture points in the Du channel (located from the top of the head and runs down the back to the tailbone) that powerfully connects into other meridians. Maybe you should ask one of your providers who is more familiar with your constitution to refer you to a local Acupuncturist who can also provide a more accurate diagnosis. all of your questions will then get the full attention and a much more accurate diagnosis that you deserve!
      Keep Healing 🙏🏾

  3. Great Day
    Amani Kwa Waungu
    Dolphn Norris D.D.
    Has a Therapy session on my right knee with Shifu Jimmy Chan… I injured it in high school playing football and had it operated on in the summer of 1973…Never been right since..Now at age 63, “Shifu” Jimmy through applied kinesiology into the knee released out all those years of scarred tissues and stagnant energy…The build up limited the knee’s movement for years..Now less then a month after treatment and doing the recommended exercise to strengthen it, my knee feels better than it ever felt in YEARS….after continuing the exercises that he recommend I have now 98 percent of extension in my right knee,where as before treatment on a good day was 60 percent.. I strongly recommend his treatment to anyone regardless of age that has ailments or just want to get better overall…🙏

    1. Great Day Dolphin!
      It is always an honor and pleasure to work by your side as well as servicing you through the arts of Ten Gates To Heaven! I hope that your road to the principles of ImHotep are as fruitful as they are Spirit Changing!
      “Know Thy Self!”
      Eye look forward to our next day of breaking bread!
      Thank you for believing in The Gates!!!
      Much Love!!! Peace

  4. Jimmy is an amazing healer. The session is a multi-sensory experience including music created by Jimmy and a gong, chimes and bowl he plays throughout the session to enhance healing. I really felt transformed. It is like no other massage I have had. Jimmy really has an ethereal quality, he is nothing short of magic and mysticism. He worked on spots where I’ve been holding tension for so long and he didn’t give up. He also suggested different exercises I can do to strengthen and stretch problem areas. I highly recommend Jimmy. You will not be disappointed.

    1. Good day Katherine! Eye am so happy to know that all that was shared, you truly absorbed! That puts a smile on my heart and spirit! Whenever you are in need, You know exactly where I’ll be!!!
      Waiting for you…